Book Darts
WHAT!? NO PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY!!? Not to worry. Book Darts is one fine solution! Book Darts are precision-cut, paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page. To use, place Book Dart at desired line, close book and press in. Sliding a Dart onto a passage assures you can recall it easily even in a closed book.


darts actual size

Elegant enough for great museum shops, book-friendly enough for public libraries, often judged indispensable by students, educators, and other readers of what has lasting value. Answers the question: "How can we mark our exact passages, find them again, quickly and surely, and never harm the page?"


Make each book an ongoing resource, not a graveyard of ideas. Now you don't have to remember all the answers, just where to find them. Book Darts are a tool for recalling exactly what you need from within any text. Once you find it, we'll help you hang on to it. Think of each dart as a switch that turns ideas on again. When you've discovered something important in your reading, Book Darts make sure you'll find it again when you need it.


book darts author series

Check out this wonderful collection of reading-themed greeting cards beautifully crafted by master calligrapher Carol Dubosch of Portland, Oregon. Each set includes a selection of thirteen different cards featuring some of our favorite sayings about books and reading. Each card in the set includes one 12-count Pack of Book Darts - perfect for mailing.

A great idea for cooks who read! Use these new "cook darts" to find and flag your favorite cookbook recipes. As we've long said about Book Darts,

"In a cookbook, they might help elevate your meal; in a mushroom book, they could save your life!"