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A customer writes: As a Librarian whose life and way of reading has been changed forever by Book Darts, I wanted to give something back. I decided to propose a Meetup Day for Book Darts Users around the world, where they could share the ideas they have darted with others who also had readings to share. Since the thing bringing us together is the way these passages have effected us, the topic range at any meetup is as limitless as the books we have darted. is a free way to organize local groups related to a common topic. More about can be found from the Book Darts Meetup page. I proposed these international meetups as casual Saturday afternoons, and I hope you‘ll join me in celebrating Book Darts by meeting others locally whose lives have also been touched by the way they help us read, remember, and now, share. There really is nothing so powererful as an idea whose time has come. Now if we could only gather them all, and share them, locally and globally...
-Heath Rezabek, Denver, CO

Fade Theory
A blog about books, inside and out: print culture, textual history, book arts, publishing news, reading and literacy, typography, and text related design. Rachel J. K. Grace is a dedicated book person with a wonderful eye and heart.

Berkun Blog
Who is Scott Berkun? An author, consultant and software industry veteran. He writes books, consults with managers, and teaches creative thinking at the University of Washington. (And fearlessly writes self promotional paragraphs in the 3rd person).

Tech tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done.

Vision Center
Free web resource for eye care and health.