Book Darts


Since their introduction, Book Darts have found their way onto the pages of books, magazines, technical manuals, maps, calendars, bus schedules, racing forms and all other manner of printed material.

Page Points, Page Nibs, Book Darts? OH MY! (continued)

For years, Book Darts enjoyed a partnership with the Levenger Catalog Co., who marketed our darts under the name Page Points. However, when they dropped Book Darts in favor of their own redesigned linemarkers, many of their customers weren't happy with the results. In fact, these days many of our strongest testimonials come from Levenger customers searching in vain for the original Page Point. Here are a few comments we recently found posted amongst Levenger's customer product reviews:

"Please bring back the plain, triangular-shaped stainless steel page points. The plain shape works better.... I will not buy this style at all. If they change back to the old style, do not hesitate to buy."

"I was a big buyer of the old version - LOVE THEM - but this new version - NOT happy with at all. Has torn my pages - please bring back the old ones..."

"I too much prefer the old-style page points with the simple lines, thinner profile, and no pesky pointy bits to snag pages..."

"I used to be the biggest fan of page points and thought these would at least be the same quality.... The older page points were plan and simple and worked wonderfully. I have no idea why they no longer sell them. They were perfect. Please bring them back."

"Nice idea but the page nibs are not as good as the old page points.... Please bring back the page points."

"The original page points were perfect.... Why did Levenger change a perfect item?"

"I love the old page points and thought I'd give these a shot.... How dissapointing.... Please bring back the original Levenger page points."

"I liked the old bronze-colored page points because they slipped right onto the page. Bring them back please."


Giving Back:

"As a Librarian whose life and way of reading has been changed forever by Book Darts, I wanted to give something back. I decided to propose a Meetup Day for Book Darts Users around the world, where they could share the ideas they have darted with others who also had readings to share. Since the thing bringing us together is the way these passages have effected us, the topic range at any meetup is as limitless as the books we have darted. is a free way to organize local groups related to a common topic. More about can be found from the Book Darts Meetup page. I proposed these international meetups as casual Saturday afternoons, and I hope you‘ll join me in celebrating Book Darts by meeting others locally whose lives have also been touched by the way they help us read, remember, and now, share. There really is nothing so powererful as an idea whose time has come. Now if we could only gather them all, and share them, locally and globally..."


The Bottom Line:

"As an English major, I do a LOT of reading, and I‘m constantly searching for quotes and supporting texts for arguments in my papers. Book Darts have become a wonderful, an indispensable part of my academic career. Book Darts have made it possible for me to keep my books in much better condition--no more dog-eared pages. Thank you for helping me keep my literature collection in great condition!"
-Lauren, Bowling Green State University


Indespensable Invention:

"These tiny devices have fundamentally changed the way i read. i was an extreme skeptic of these devices at first. as bookmarks, they are too labor-intensive, and so long as i looked at them as bookmarks, i was unable to see their use. i finally received a tin of them as a present, and decide to try them out; after looking at them for a few minutes, i realized that they were really made to be line-markers, rather than page-markers; tiny, persistent, unobtrusive, non-damaging annotation devices, visible even from the side of a closed book. they are miraculous.

Using bookdarts, i now mark easily 5 times the number of passages that i used to; generally far more, given how infrequently i used to annotate or mark at all.

When i die, i will be able to pass on not only my library, but the passages of interest to me. and there will be far more of them, and they will be far more easily discovered, than i ever could have imagined. my only regret is that i have not used them all of my life. if i could give any single gift to an avid reader, it would be their first tin of bookdarts. seriously; no joke."
-Heath Rezabek, Denver Librarian


Marvelous Little Creatures:

William Morris said, ‘Keep only that which you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.‘ Book Darts are both. They are small, elegant, marvelous little creatures. they sing, they dance, they make my life worth living (in a manner of speaking). All those years I spent underlining, post-it noting, bookmarking, vainly attempting to remember how ‘far in‘ a quote was--what I really needed was a Book Dart (or two, or fifty, or a thousand). I love you guys."
-Dawn K. Archdeacon, Assistant Manager of a Bookstore and Independent Researcher


Elegant and Unabtrusive:

"I am compelled to give my testimony about Book Darts. I love them! As a minister I constantly need to mark pages in my prayerbooks, commentaries and other reference books I use frequently, and Book Darts don‘t just fill the bill, they do so elegantly and unobtrusively. I use them to create my own thumb indexing system for indices and just to mark the profound and wonderful wisdom the book serves up to the questing mind. I thank my wife constantly for her original gift of Book Darts to me. Now it‘s your turn! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Book Darts!"
-Rev. Allen T. Coffey


Personal Preferences:

  • "I mark my book with Book Darts so I can reclaim a great phrase and remember my favorite sections in any book."
    -Linda Huntley Wills, Book Reviewer
  • "This is my favorite bookmark among the many kinds I tested, and it was the only one recommended by other booklovers by name."
    -Pat Wagner, author of the packed "Booklover‘s Guide, A Collection of Tips, Techniques, Anecdotes, Controversies & Suggestions for the Home Library"
  • "I just wanted to try them and didn‘t really expect anything, but you were right. People did come back especially for them. We‘ve reordered 4 times. They‘re great."
    -L.W., university bookstore manager, Columbus, Ohio
  • "When I first saw them, I couldn‘t imagine we‘d sell many, but we keep selling out before I even notice that we‘re low."
    -R.P., store manager, Boston
  • "At Christmas, no price would keep them from selling out."
    -M.Z., bookstore manager, Seattle
  • "Book Darts have marked my professional life. They are as essential as my dayplanner and my cellphone."
    -Benedict C. Ochs, PhD., Business Executive
  • "I didn‘t feel drawn to them at all; I still haven‘t ever used one. But some of my staff insisted, and my customers seem to love them."
    -K. R. Book Store Owner, New Orleans
  • Very handy for the bibliophile. I read with a bowl of them at hand."
  • "At first I thought they were silly--I couldn‘t see any purpose--, but then I started using them in library copies of Greek plays I was translating, and now I need some more. I used a bushel of them just doing Electra"
    -Henry Splawn Taylor, Pulitzer Prize winning poet
  • "As far as I‘m concerned, BookDarts are the only thing, other than ink (the printer‘s ink), the eye, and the heart, that belong on the page."
    -Scarecrow Mehrhoff, poet, Taos, N.M.
  • "Better than underlining because they let you change your mind."
  • "These things add life to my textbooks."
    -S.L., teacher, Hood River, Oregon
  • "Perfect for people who like to show things they read to other people."
    -Book Darts Customer
  • "In 1998 I wrote: ‘I almost believe I can‘t live without your product.‘ I no longer have any doubt: these are necessary for life (as I know it) to continue."
    -J.R., Vancouver, Washington
  • "improves any reading worth going back to"
    -one reader
  • These things are awesome. If you ever go out of business, let me know so I can stock up, please."
    -Ryan Schave
  • "Even if you underline, you need these things to find the pages."
    -R. Washington
  • "I love them; I‘ve been waiting for BookDarts all my life."
    -John Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down and revolutionary teacher
  • "I can‘t understand why every library in the country doesn‘t have a drawer full, particulary in the rare book collections."
    -Joanne Chase
  • "BookDarts are the only thing I‘ve found that actually makes reading more fun and more effective."
    -Book Darts Customer
  • "how you make sure you never lose something in a book you‘ll need to see again"
    -a reader
  • "I love Bookdarts. They have made reading a whole new experience for me, allowing me to return, again and again, to all my favorite passages without having to discolor, mangle, or mutilate the pages of my favorite books. you have no idea how much that means to me. Thanks again!"
    -Michael Gillette
  • "One of the great inventions of mankind"
    -Fred Arndt
  • "I can‘t stand putting a mark in my books. So these things are perfect."
    -Rebecca Lopez
  • "I‘ve finished three books in the last three weeks using them, a greatly increased rate of reading for me. I owe it all to Book Darts."
    -Joseph Gretsch</li>
  • "Book Darts make finding information in Norton anthologies much faster."
    -Paul Stabile, Grad. Student
  • "Book Darts are a remarkably useless item. Their only reason for being is their aesthetic value. they are little works of art, finely crafted by a loving hand. If you like to look at bronze precision-tooled instruments in museums, you‘ll like Book Darts. My son actually uses them to find his places; I merely look at them."
    -Stephen A. Barney,Professor of English (retired), U. Cal. Irvine
  • "...fine tuning, attention to detail, instructive, encouraging--‘pay attention" they say, ‘and let me know what you find.‘"
    -Abbie Sheldon
  • "I can‘t conceive of anyone who does a lot of reading and wants to keep track of what he‘s read who could get along without Book Darts."
    -Thomas Jarvie
  • "As a high school English teacher, I find it does not take long for the students to ask where I got the page markers."
    -Pat Thiel