Book Darts

Who Are We?

Love for books initially spurred the idea of Book Darts. Marking a book with a pen or high-lighter, turning down page corners or using paper clips to tag important passages only shortens the book‘s life. Book Darts were developed to enrich the reading experience by allowing readers to mark important lines and easily re-find them without harming the pages (and, thus, to encourage re-reading).

The first Book Darts were made in a basement and required five separate hand operations using three tools. Now they are made much faster in a high speed press.

Jeanette and Bob Williams pride themselves on good service and a quality product. Good service includes cheerful correction of mistakes.

Bob Williams is a former college and high school teacher (philosophy and English), librarian, archivist, boat builder, wood cutter, and printer.

Jeanette, or "Netta", is the brains of the outfit in many ways, thus giving rise to our Hawaiian kine motto, "Listen to Netta/ She knows what‘s mo bettah."

A friend (Dana) of one of our good friends (Steve McLennon) said, when she was nine: "Every day is the best. But Today is the most best because we are closest to it." A good prayer would be for everyone in the world to feel this way at the same time.

Book Darts Press
The original Book Darts press