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Alert: Book Darts Piracy in Asia!

Although Book Darts are made in the USA, we've been exporting our goods around the world for years. It’s now been brought to our attention that counterfeit Book Darts are being marketed in China. These forgeries were found to be inferior to our genuine Book Darts. The quality of the metal is suspect and potentially damaging to paper. We have extensively tested our metals under accelerated heat and humidity conditions on a wide variety of papers to ensure no discoloration or stain to the page. The impostors, we assume, have not. If you discover other fakes out there, or fear you may have purchased some yourself, please let us know.

Do not buy any Book Darts from these sites:
Do not shop the URL's of 2 known rogue sites selling fake Book Darts.


bookdarts piracy alert


The following is a partial list of legitimate vendors:


Stationery Society
(wholesale inquiries, please call: +86-21-22818149)


花井文具专营店 com/ htm?spm=a1z10.3-c-s.w4002- 15275154973.15.61bb77b9wDoF3l& id=576898552155